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So what is the story behind Hanaroo, I hear you ask. Every little inspiration must have a story, right?

 Absolutely right!

 The idea for HanaRoo came when a sudden brainwave hit us:

- We follow fashion trends but do they ever follow us?
- We click and clack along in our spiffy heels, trying to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends, styles and what’s ‘hot’ but do they ever come running after us?

- Why is there an unwritten fashion law which states that we must read every blog, magazine and visit every catwalk known to man, just to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends? Whatever happened to originality and expressing your personality through the pretty little things you choose to wear?

At Hanaroo, we aim to deliver the products that YOU really want. Your wants, your needs and your gorgeous desires. So, what do we do? We research, compare, thrive and drive to obtain the most glamorous, highly demanded, fashionable, high couture style products. We visit Europe’s largest exhibitions and catwalk events; find out what products our customers really want and what highly stylish products are popular within a mixture of consumers.

We strive to bring you high fashion products in next to no time. Our reliable delivery service ensures that in true high maintenance style, you receive your order in a prompt, safe manner. You want it, you need it, you've got it!

We think, how much would you truly pay for a product? We hustle, bargain and push to find the finest value products for the most exquisite tastes.

Hanaroo aims to please it’s consumers by adding that extra touch, that extremely small thought that can make all the difference. It’s the small thoughts in life that count, wouldn't you agree?

Remember, YOU wear the handbag, don’t ever let it wear you!

That necklace  dangling from your neck. Are you representing it like a diva, or is it owning you?

That ring on your finger. Has it just been slotted into place to complete your look? Or are you rocking it with a cutting edge demeanor?

It was once stated that ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’... We sense that they probably forgot to mention handbags, necklaces, bracelets and all the pretty accessories that every lady must have. Whether it is arm candy or eye candy, they are all a girl’s best friend.

We’re sure that you can nod in agreement when we describe that feeling you get when you’re wearing something glamorous. Something about all these ‘best friends’ have the ability to make any lady feel special and spoilt. What better feeling is there then to feel pretty and stunning? Life is short...

...and at Hanaroo we believe that it’s important to look and feel great! So don't be a stranger, keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.