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A handbag for night and day

DSC_0226When you are out during the day you mostly will want a stylish bag that can complement any outfit so you don’t have to switch out your bags every day. Wonderful options for the daytime are elegant black leather handbags. These are one of the most popular handbags on Hanaroo. Some of them resemble a certain handbag Chanel made quite famous. The gorgeous quilting on the genuine leather handbags automatically exudes class and sophistication. This little black leather bag goes with any outfit and is appropriate to bring to work. Made in Italy, this genuine leather bag has to become a staple in every girl’s closet. 

For the gal’s that like a bag more on the casual side, brown handbags are the way to go. Certainly one of the most popular handbags:these are perfect for daytime use. Just like the black leather bag, the brown bag goes with virtually any outfit. A brown handbag says “I’m high fashion, but I’m also chill and down-to-earth”. These are a must have staple for any woman’s closet that they will definitely want to be used over and over again.

PetiteWhite-Shirt-Petite-Office-Clothing-For-Women-Anita 211320_in_xl lnr1-tan-pu-pop_1

Pair this bag with jeans and a white shirt for a soft minimal look or pair it with a floral dress for a hippie chic look.

Want to try something new? A weekend bag is the perfect accessory to give a try with. Large in size and having a sort of vintage appeal, these handbag is great for daily or “weekend” use. This bag is best paired with casual laid back items. You don’t want to go too dressy with this handbag or risk committing a fashion faux pas. Picture this, taking a relaxing Sunday drive into the country with a cute boy. The weather is perfect, soft wind blowing in your hair, and you’ve got your  weekend bag in tow. Now what is a girl to do in night time? She certainly needs a cute clutch to go dancing with! How about an adorable gold clutch bag? This little gem is for those ladies who like to show off what they got. Gold definitely goes with almost any clothing and this one is so sweet it sparkles! All eyes will be on you when you rock this cute gold clutch bag. Pair with an equally sparkly dress to really make a statement or try something with a pop of color for a fashionable look. Gold looks best with warmer tones like red and pinks but it also can go really well with neutrals like white and black. OK, so here’s the great news! All of these bags are available on What are you waiting for! A shopping extravaganza awaits Don’t forget the deals and competitions you can access on our social media sites!

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October 10, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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