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Advice for your First Date

Advice for your First Date Excitement with a dash of anxiety and heightened clothing indecision is the hallmark combination of emotion before each first date. Does it take two hours instead of one hour to get ready? What you choose to wear depends on the occasion and time of day, but there are a few guidelines to avoid turning your floor into a ‘floordrobe’ in a mad panic. While we lust over statement make up, men certainly don’t. If the date is successful, at some point your natural self will be revealed. Put in the effort to create a natural look, which we all know can take longer than thicker makeup but certainly worth the time and patience to put together. Getting the Balance Right. Exposing too much skin can be equally as damaging as dressing as if you ran away from a nunnery If you display cleavage, then opt for tights or a longer dress and vice versa. Heels can give you confidence but they may not give you wings. Comfort and personal branding in attire will do more for you than legs that go on for miles and give that misconception of height, which can’t be hidden in the long run. Handbag3 Handbag2 handbag1 Avoid overtly branded clothing, high maintenance is never a desirable attribute. Stick with what you know. New outfits can launch confidence, but you’ll never know if they ride up or how they make you feel over the course of a date, you can always make that purchase and give it a trial run but If you really want to experiment with something new, rather opt for a beautiful jewellery piece or a stylish Italian handbag from our wide range of quality, luxury handbags at Hanaroo. Stay true to your look and your lifestyle to reflect your values and show your own unique personality and most of all have fun. So if you want to take the first steps in looking good then click our link below to discover our amazing range of handbags and accessories at Hanaroo.   Hanaroo
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