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Tuesday Wish List

Tuesday Wish List Choker necklaces and revealed midriffs were the street style of the 90’s. More than ten years later, we are faced with this trend, guess what? You’re not the only one who’s cringing.  Those ten plus years brought about changes in our body. Maybe, Gwen Stefanie’s 90’s look is not something we can all embrace comfortably, but what we can do is abandon the fear of 90’s style and adapt it to a more contemporary look. Image We needn’t wear the plastic lace chokers but we could replace it with a more befitting elegant look using an item like this. According to stylists, it falls with the focus point of our décolleté and its simplicity allows for versatile outfits. It upholds the discovery that silver and gold really do go well together and it can be worn by all ages.  It has a grunge, punk and rock element to it but it’s completely refined. Who would have thought such an item could exist?Image Image

Team that plaid shirt with a necklace like this and you have a trendy look without your cupboard shouting “I’m pushing an elephant up the Stairs,” or simply wear it with a work dress. The decision is yours, remember the 90’s may have been an odd decade but it certainly was quirky and diverse.

Remember this is also an opportunity to relive your youth so don’t forget to have fun with cute items, like treat sized accessories Image

H&M Navy dress, £24.99, Hanaroo Necklace, Image£24.00

H&M Plaid shirt, £5.00, River Island shorts,£28.00, Hanaroo mini satchel, £20.00. Image

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July 01, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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