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Chanel makes history!

Coco Chanel envisioned this handbag in the 1920'S and it only truly took off in 1955 when she added the chain, hence the name! little-black-dress-chanel-1920coco-chanel-t2tvsnsg Chanel 2.55 Originally, she designed this handbag after some time of getting tired of holding her handbag in the clutch style way. Creative Inspiration Chanel realised that women at social events needed a more hands free way of carrying essentials, so she began designing handbags with long straps. This style of strap was popular among less expensive makes until she introduced it into high end handbags.  The insertion of the chain into the strap was influenced by earlier experiences of seeing the convent caretakers carry their keys on chains from their waists. The herringbone pattern (diamond stitched pattern) is now a cultural emblem of elegance. The Mademoiselle lock on the handbag (the buckle) coined that name as she never married at any point in her life.  In 1980, Karl Largerfeld re-launched this handbag with a double C emblem, he also cReplicaChanelHandbags5779_9hanged the strap which become only a chain. Which style do you prefer? The New (cc) Versus the old  
If your eyes are leaning  towards the right  (the original design) click the button below for an Italian leather Chanel inspired handbag.
Also Available in larger tote sizes.
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June 27, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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