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Buying a handbag for your holiday in Turkey

Have you ever sat completely infuriated by the French Riviera, tipped the entire contents of your handbag into a plastic bag and thrown your handbag in the dustbin? Have you ever  thrown your ill fitted shoes in the Danube? 8273666591_0825b68530_n The former would be my experience and the latter would be my fathers, bad tempers must be a family trait.  Horrific handbag decisions and terrible shoe purchases are very similar. One leaves you with sore feet and the other will leave you with an empty wallet, or a sore shoulder. We are all excited about the pre-holiday shopping period. Our time sensitive shopping or desperation will often lead us to make purchasing decisions we regret. Turkey is an advert for cultural mixing pots, a ear marked point where the West meets the East. You can expect a mix of Western familiarity with a dash of  Eastern surprise. Handbag buying rules for the holiday will vary depending on where you are going, but for those planning to visit Turkey lauren2 , read this. 1.  Turkey is relatively safe, but as with most cities, precautions should be taken. Buy a handbag with a zip, that's simple really. Gravitational hands and extreme sports or activities will rob your bag without a zip. The name for a bag snatcher is kapkaççı, if anything should happen. Activity Note: paragliding over the Dead Sea, hot springs, golfing, yatching and  hot air ballooning in Cappadoccia 2. The bag should have enough room for a shawl to throw over your shoulders.  The mosques are absolutely  breath taking, but even heavenly places have rules. 3. Buy a handbag with an adjustable strap so you can turn your handbag into a cross-body bag. This will reduce your back ache by spreading the load more evenly. It also makes it more difficult for bag slashers to get to your handbag, especially if you carry it at  the front. 20140624_111049 4. Buy a handbag with a waterproof central compartment  for your sun protection. Murphy's law your sun cream will leak at some point, or maybe that is just my luck. 5. Get a neutral or darker handbag even if its summer, you never know what you may encounter and the same applies to possible stains. Click the link below to get an affordable handbag for your trip abroad.
June 25, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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