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Fashion for a hot day to reduce the sweaty Betty effect.

Summer Lovin

Sitting in the sun on a lounger, sipping on a mojito, waves lapping against the sh5938733657_50d11bdf64_nore  lulling you to sleep. Wake up to reality, it's a hot day, you have to stay in the city for work  and according to predictions it's going to be a scorcher! Organise your wardrobe, so you don't resemble a sauna hogger while walking down Oxford Street or a gym bunny in the office. Tip 1: Keep your clothing loose and avoid unnatural fibres like Polyester. These unnatural materials tend to trap heat, insulate the skin and repel moisture.  So covering yourself in these will turn you into a human sweat retainer. The best materials are cotton, rayon and linen. Tips 2: DSC_0215 When entering buildings like shopping centres in summer,  the extremities can be bothersome. Rather wear a midi or maxi dress or linen pants and pack a light jumper in your handbag. Remember to bring a slightly larger handbag, then you don't have to carry it once you're hot. Tip 3: Keep your hair up and master the messy bun. If you feel under dressed or plain,wear summer earrings that are light in weight and bright to highlight your beauty.  DSC_0122 Tip 4: Keep your make up minimal, walking around looking like another member of Kiss in the choc3 summer is not ideal. Rather use accessories to finish off a look than immaculately applied thick make up. Tip 5: Get yourself a genuine leather handbag, genuine leather breathes more, so you won't get sticky with it pressed against your leg on the Tube. Secondly, it is also resistant to temperature fluctuations, so you won't burn yourself against it, after it has been in direct sunlight. DSC_0220 (2) Tip 6: Embrace the sun but don't become the next walking stop sign! Click the link below to set yourself up for the scorcher ahead.    Alternatively, remember the deals and competitions you can access on our social media sites! tweet CTA share button like us facebook-shopping1 google plus facebook instagram youtube pinterest-icon twitter     Follow on Bloglovin
June 23, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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