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Buying a present for a friend?

Whether you love or hate searching for birthday presents for friends, it should be added to the death or taxes list of inevitability. 4171222165_fcbba1fc94   Think back to your childhood gifts, do you remember that aunt who bought you pink socks every year? Use these simple techniques to ensure do you don't become your aunt without realising it and they will save you time.

Birthday present Guide

1.  Think back to the past, what colour items has she worn before? Facebook is a great source for inspiration or go to twitter and find those #ThrowBackThursday photos. 2. There is nothing more impersonal than buying candles and personal hygiene products for a friend, so skip that aisle unless she has an absolute love for something specific. 3. Pinterest is a great way to see how her style may have changed since you last saw her. gift Pinterest is the Candy Crush time hoarder of the fashion world, but it also provides great insight into your friends wish list.  Most photos are also linked to a shop, so you can go straight to the source to get that item she would have bought herself but probably didn't. 4. Add to a collection don't mimic it. Don't buy an item that she already has thousands of.  Most people deal with space constraints in their home, find that signature gift that is  both functional and beautiful. H082-1 Red new 5. Think about her hobbies, what does she spend most of her time doing? Is she a foodie, a sports enthusiast, a fashionista or an animal lover? DSC_0080 6. Don't buy something for her and her whole family. Birthday's are about getting something personal and finding something she loves, not something she needs. Click the link below and use these principles to guide your decision. The summer collection   Alternatively, remember the deals and competitions you can access on our social media sites! tweet CTA share button like us facebook-shopping1 google plus facebook instagram youtube pinterest-icon twitter    Follow on Bloglovin
June 17, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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