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Become a 5 foot 3 Giant without heels

How to appear taller.20140516_133043213

It's safe to say, that no one held out any hope of me ever being a netball player. With both parents vertically challenged, it was assumed that I would be forever shopping in the children's section. As I grew older, I learnt to the art of great posture and styling, accompanied with the skill of sewing.  I also discovered, that whenever I walked in high heels I looked like new born deer in roller blades.  So I use these more comfy tricks to become a 5 foot 3 giant, without heels.  

Monochrome colours

Dressing in one colour certainly gives the illusion of height, while you may view this as limiting, it isn't. While black is my friend after a weekend with Ben and Jerrys, other hues have the same effect. For example, emerald green, maroon, navy, grey and white really can create a continuous shape. This involves a great deal of matching, so this trick is for committed matchmakers.

Drop down gorgeousJoe Davies Silver Heart Necklace fireworked final

Multiple long necklaces or V shaped necklines will draw eyes downwards creating the illusion that you are taller. While collar necklaces and chokers can be lovely, they won't  do you any favours.

Thought behind the handbag

The larger the handbag the slimmer you look, but large handbags won't necessarily make you look taller.  I often wear darker colours with a bright handbag, this is a distraction technique,  that doesn't boost  confidence.   So I bring it together with DSC_0129 a set of matching earrings or a necklace  to attract attention to my face.  Remember to ensure that the handbag doesn't fall next to the widest part of your body. For example, apple shaped people will not appear taller if they wear a low hanging slouch bag. By the same token, busty ladies shouldn't wear under the arm shoulder handbags. My rule of thumb: Embrace those curves, but a true woman doesn't need to add to them. While we may have loved Emma Watson's pixie style hair, this is the anti-high heel of styling. So hold onto  those locks if you're short. Lastly, confidence overrides most of these tricks. The more confidence you have the taller you will appear. So say goodbye to those wide legged trousers and those insecurities. Find the items that make you look taller by clicking the link below. Hanaroo collection   tweet CTA share button like us facebook-shopping1 google plus facebook instagram youtube pinterest-icon twitter   Follow on Bloglovin
June 16, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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