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Vintage style Guide

Vintage versus Charity shops

The word vintage has been thrown around like a discarded penny,  now the lines between used and vintage ite 20140612_1000541 ms have become blurred in some circles. Let's Clarify! Vintage items  are reminiscent of a cultural or historical era, and have remained valuable, rare or desirable throughout time. While used items/ clothing are usually worn but have no specific qualities, which denote a particular period or event. Vintage items can often cost the same as current items but you will often find that vintage items are of a better quality.

 Vintage outfits

If you have little time to find those signature pieces in shops dotted around a city, you can find new products that reflect a different era. For example, the difference between styles of different eras lies in the shape it creates. For example, dresses from the 50's usually flair to create a curvy look. 20140610_110532 These outfits create a mix of contemporary and vintage. DSC_0240 The scholarly satchel became particularly popular is the 1950's and became known for its  practicality and durability.     After the war period,  trading restrictions were lifted and Crystal from Europe was incorporated into DSC_01451jewellery once again.  Click the link below to get the look! Picturemaroon   Alternatively, Go to our social media sites for all the latest deals and competitions! tweet CTA share button like us facebook-shopping1 google plus facebook instagram youtube pinterest-icon twitter  Follow on Bloglovin
June 12, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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