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Like mother Like Daughter

Motherhood momentsC001C BLACK-1

One of the most endearing moments of motherhood is when your daughter announces for the first time, that she wants to be just like you. My daughter has been ogling my minaudiere from Hanaroo for weeks now and I discovered a great activity for us to do.

Creating Fashion Together

We made a pink minaudiere handbag together and now she takes it everywhere. Materials:20140602_005120 Glue, scissors, hard covered sunglasses case, embellished ring  Instructions: 1. Take the sunglasses case and make two incisions in the centre.The measured distance between these two should be the same as th20140602_005859e width of the band of the embellished ring. Ensure this placement is in the centre of the opening of the case. 2. Put glue in these cuts. 3. Slide the ring onto the cut part. 4. Ensure the glue won't spread to the other side of the case. 20140602_011413 5. Hold in place for 30 minutes or don't open the case during that time. Optional: you can use an old necklace and thread it through the ring to create a strap, so she can carry her's just like her mum. 20140602_012513 Click the link below to get your next item that your daughter will envy.   tweet CTA share button like us facebook-shopping1 google plus facebook instagram youtube pinterest-icon twitter   Follow on Bloglovin
June 03, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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