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Truth to the Camera with Hanaroo

Real Women

A new brand portraying real women, real beauty! DSC_0125mod Recently, there has been a lot of publicity around the abuse of Photoshop and the impact it has on women's self esteems.  According to Dove research, 40 percent of women find that Beauty and fashion imagery lower their self esteem. Celebrities like Kate Winslet  fought this trend. In 2003, Winslet insisted that GQ apologise for portraying her as thinner using digital alterations she hadn't approved of. Later, the Men's magazine admitted to this misdoing and publicly apologised. Once again, it happened again last year. The study conducted by Dove, revealed that 94 percent of women would rather DSC_02061media portrayed women honestly Hanaroo agrees and prefers to reflect "real women" in both adverts and in social media content.  Our YouTube blogs are uploaded in their natural form (other Fashion blogs can take days to edit) and our models chosen to represent the brand are not photo-shopped in any way. We believe that as part of the fashion industry, it is our duty to reflect the diverse beauty of women.

Impact of Jewellery

Other studies have shown that, wearing new jewellery or accessories can increase women's self confidence. According to Hanaroo representatives,  it would make little sense to back-track and digitally alter our ambassadors, simultaneously lowering our customers' self image, when we sell items that women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy. We would rather reject Fashion industry common practice and simply sell handbags and accessories, instead of unrealistic images of perfection. Our dedication to this, can be seen in our social media campaigns. Go to our website to see what products we offer which are embraced with those with H0044# COFFEE-1 new personal style, not just a tiny waist. 

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May 23, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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