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Designed in New York, loved in London

Both New York and London are ethnically diverse.  Our summer range was designed in the Big Apple so it holds no wonder that our jewellery catering to many tastes and was inspired by different cultures.  One quality that all our pieces share is the influence of bursting colour and summer energy.

Bright Courtyard

Rainbow park earrings are a lovely item to brighten up your all white sleek outfit. The subtle design  is contrasted with high energy colours that would stand out from the any hair colour, unlike many earrings. DSC_0117 £16   Guess: Which culture creates jewellery with a fierce love of these colours?

Playful Bracelets

Hanaroo's mint green bangles are set in yellow gold with a screw design on the exterior. Who said garage style couldn't be integrated with beauty and elegance? This colour has the ability to bring out your eyes, contrast against hair and make one appear more tanned. DSC_0164 £13 Guess: Which country loves fast cars and urban living the most? This fence style bracelet is subtle but completely intricate. It debunks the old myth that silver and gold do not go together. The Thai  turquoise flowers are set in gold, while the bracelet is silver. The finishing detail that adds a hint of femininity is the white ribbon bow that brings all the nuances of this design together. DSC_0174 £29   Okay, the answer is already out there.

The Flower child

This expandable ring is the flower child of the collection and can be worn with those nude heels or white high waisted trousers. It's set in rose gold, a colour far more versatile than yellow gold for many skin types. DSC_00501   £18   Guess: What country/ culture inspired this design?

Button Ring

The button ring can be worn any time of day. It would be the perfect accessory to breathe life into a standard work outfit. It's as cute as a button and somewhat resembles a button. We believe your style should reflect where you have been in life or what you have done in life. This ring radiates Gaudi's inspiration and his heritage. DSC_00941 £16 Which country influenced this craftsmanship? Make your wardrobe a multi-cultural playground with an intriguing mix of colours and textures. Click the tab below to meet our other bejewelled nationals. The summer collection

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May 21, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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