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For the Love of Gold

Gold Myths20140519_105929

We know that gold has been around longer than the English monarchy, everywhere I go I see people paying tribute to the age old measurement of prestige. Previously, gold was strictly worn by the older demographic but in recent years people from all age groups have been embracing this colour/material. The myth  that you should never mix silver and gold coloured jewellery also existed not so long ago.

Debunking myths about Fashion

In the Naughties, we are now liberated beyond this, where breaking the rules is expected and celebrated.  Metallic colours are the new black, the neutral colours that are just a little bit more interesting than black.  No disrespect to black, it is the most flattering colour.

What is my skin tone?

Do you have cool or warm toned skin? The simple rule of thumb when choosing to wear gold, is whether  your wrists exhibit a blue undertone or green. Please note: Hair colour and darkness of skin are not clear indicators of this. If your skin tone appears blue beneath the surface at your wrists, your skin is a cool tone, while a green undertone reflects a warmer undertone. We all radiate a glow of a colour. If you are a cool blue individual, platinum, rose gold, white gold and lighter shades of gold would suit you best or you could mix gold and silver together. This Hanaroo necklace worn below has a matte finish and is characterised by its muted tone of gold. 20140519_102844  A Those with a green undertone (warm) can wear a more yellow gold, copper and bronze. 20140519_085814 B We can abandon the age old myths that have separated the glorified gold wearers and the Silver style setters. Everyone can wear gold, it is simply a matter of what tone you chose and how you co-ordinate it. The necklace above can be carried off by both because it is light in tone.

Style Quiz

Look at the bracelets below and decide based on this method, which skin tone it would suit best. 1.                                               2.                                                3. DSC_0233-goldnew2 DSC_0492000 DSC_0211 You can also decide by assessing if you look healthy when wearing  a specific tone of gold jewellery or by deciding whether rings under your eyes are accentuated or masked. 

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May 19, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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