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Interview Tips

Death and taxes are a certain but interviews should be included in that list. Whatever career path you choose, at some point interviews will feature in every working woman's life. There are so many things that one has to consider. What  you wear plays a significant role, as we all know.

Dress for successDSC_0044

Style 1: You're trendy and love to keep up with fashion. An interview in most fields is never a fashion exhibition, you don't want your potential boss to feel that you care more about your appearance than anything else, unless you apply for a job in fashion of course. Advice:  So remember to reduce the number or size of accessories you wear. Go for something that adds to your outfit but doesn't define it. DSC_0256 style 2: You dress youthfully but comfortably. You dress in a very contemporary style, you put people at ease and people feel they can trust you. This may land you the job but it may not allow you to move up to the position you aspire to obtain. Advice: exchange those jeans for a skirt or black trousers, remove those bangles DSC_0080 you acquired on your travels for a pretty watch. Style 3: You dress provocatively and embrace the curves that real men appreciate. If you don't have to change your outfit before going dancing in a club after an interview, you are doing it all wrong. If you insist that short dresses won't be leaving your cupboard , rather buy dresses that reach to mid thigh but are not tight, pair this with opaque tights and you may have found a more suitable look. Otherwise, it's better to wear a 3/4 length skirt. To solidify a professional look, match your outfit with a professional handbag that is both classy and functional. H6022 Navy Blue new Colour communication: Blue- creativity and intelligence, Red-assertive and ambitious yellow-positivity and logic Black-professional and serious White-independent and organised Grey- analytical and logical Brown- dependable Green, yellow, orange and purple- creative but unreliable

 Don't Forget!

Research has found that 37% of interviewers decided not to hire someone based on what they were wearing. Remember to always dress for the job you aspire to have, not the one you are going to interview for. With that being said, don't dress in a power-suit for an interview at McDonald's. (Chuckle chuckle) Get Ready for your interview by clicking below success  

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May 16, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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