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Good Luck Chuck

The Londoner

While strutting down the street exuding over- confidence,  I was overcome with the desire to indulge in the guiltless pleasure of Paul A Young chocolates. My stomach had already directed me before my mind had realised this, as I was already en-route. I walked to find a skinny latte, on my way there I noticed an abnormally large number of eligible men giving me the eye, coupled with a few smiles.  I proceeded to preen like a peacock and smile at everyone in the street. Bashful was not a word to describe my personae.

Faux pas, today's definition

While ordering my latte, I saw my reflection, I had a face that resembled a defiant toddler (more so than usual) . I had successfully managed to cover every part of my lower face including the tip of my nose with chocolate. The piglet of the street had definitely come out to wallow. Naturally, I wiped my face and shrugged it off as a necessary stint when eating those chocolates. While sitting down outside the coffee shop, passing women were now looking at me, or should I say at my feet. It must have been my fantastic shoes. The waitress clearing my table, then pointed out that a rotund pigeon had passed a liquid gem onto my handbag. The handbag was genuine leather, no amount of cleaning would undo this stain.
Handbag Heaven appeared...
That is when I remembered what I was once told, it's easier to clean vegan leather th yasmin an genuine leather. Just then I got an email alert on my mobile, it was from Hanaroo telling me about the deals on offer. I then used the embarrassing situation to justify buying another handbag, not that a woman ever does need a justification with those reasonable offers. I felt like Jessica Alba from Good Luck Chuck, omens had led me to my perfect handbag. buy the perfect handbag
May 09, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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