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Today's Thrifty Wish-List

Travel in style

Today, I woke up with a desire to fulfil my potential, forget the mundane worries and fears that have no significant impact on the rest of my life. Forget the ridiculous insecurities and absurd anxiety!

Reassessing goals with fashion

You must know those friends, who bought that Mulberry handbag and spent the next two months eating frozen food, avoiding all travel related media and staying at home every night. In retrospect, maybe you were that person. It was wonderful having a beautiful handbag, which no-one saw. Marc Jacobs once said, "Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." I guess the same could be said for handbags as well. No time better than now to emancipate yourself from such foolishness.  That is not to say, that tolerating mediocrity in fashion is okay. I think you know me better than that, instead we should embrace  the art of styling, instead of carrying our  branded figurines for adults. The £100 rule Today, I'm making an attainable goal, I will avoid paying more than £100 per fashion item. If I succeed I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or sunning off the coast of Thailand a year from now, and I'll be doing it in style with a Hanaroo cross-body handbag. Hanaroo necklace, £25, bracelet, £16, clutch bag, £35. H&M dress, 34.99 DSC_0246new2 DSC_0233-goldnew2 C002a GOLD1 new blue dress2 Click on any products above to adopt the same rule,                                                  or go shopping through our full range by clicking below.    hanaroo shopping2
May 08, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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