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Blue Handbags

The blue epiphany

Have you ever met someone who hates blue? No I didn't think so... Walking down the street on a Sunday afternoon in London, I was overwhelmed by how many shades of blue there are. No matter where you go, you will see variants of Blue. H0048-BLUE-1 newYou'll find blue in grey skies, logos, reflections and even many people seem blue. At this point either, you will agree, or assume that I'm an escapee from the funnH6022 Navy Blue newy farm/looney bin. I don't blame you, according to psychiatric research blue is usually the favourite colour of the imbalanced.

 Shopping addiction

Upon my appreciation of blue, I decided that I had to have a blue handbag. It makes sense, given that different shades of blue seem to complement each other and I'm surrounded by it, while with other colours, this isn't strictly true. The only colour that doesn't go well with any shade of blue that comes to mind is mustard yellow, needless to say, my love of mustard has never prompted me to buy anything in that colour. Affordable handbags Given my rationale, I bought four blue handbags in the space of two days. You're probably wondering how I could afford it, I made no sacrifice on quality and bought online from the Hanaroo shop. I didn't want to pay for someone's shop building rent in the best part of town, I have my own rent to pay. I wanted to pay for handbags in the colour of my choice, and that is what I got. Tell me about your crazed shopping sprees on Facebook


To Buy one of these handbags, click on the image or here    H00170 Navy-1 new

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pink collection H00104 Teal-1 new

May 07, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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