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Bad Behaviour Friday

Romantic Breaks

As I walked into the buffet style restaurant, I reflected on the way in which buffets are not necessarily the most elegant form of dining, unless its set in a sophisticated setting. Like many things in life, it's simply dependant on how you dress it up. My fiancé' insisted that this was the best five star buffet he had ever been to. To my delight, it was. The romance of the atmosphere ended quickly, once we began to over-indulged in delicate H0044# COFFEE-1 new desserts and filet mignon. We were so full, we were worried we might suffocate if we breathed too deeply. We then set off on a scenic route on our vesper. Upon our return home, I opened my handbag in horror, to discover a concoction of mashed cake and crème brulee. Anyone would assume that, a rainbow threw up in my handbag. Fired up and ready to rage with disgust, my fiancé was about to see my not so amiable side. Needless to say, he hadn't incurred my wrath to such a degree since he bought me chocolates the day I was beginning a health kick. In his defence, I got my birthday present early I was quickly calmed down as he presented a new Hanaroo handbag to me. I was so ecstatic and I was rather thankful that my fiancé' had destroyed my bag. The consolation prize was phenomenal. orange
May 02, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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