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How to accesssorise like a lady.

Oh, how the era of rappers and bling destroyed the art of accessorising by simply abusing it all together. Do you remember a time when men wore more diamonds than the Oppenheimers? I do. We are currently living in the jet-lag period of accessorising, we're either wearing too much, or too little in fear of looking like the spelling B champion of g.l.a.m.o.r.o.u.s. You may call me a 'Style monocrat' and maybe you are right, but for the sake of preserving the elegant beauty I saw during my visit to Paris last week, let's go over styling rules. When putting an outfit together, stylists suggest being mindful of the number of accessories you wear by wearing no more than five different types of accessories at a time.(Handbag, earrings, Glasses, Necklace, Belt, Watch, Ring, Bracelet)
  • Each item mentioned above counts towards a point.
  • The number of points to accomplish with every outfit is no more than five.
braceletcutH00170 Navy-1 newDSC_0492000DSC_0211   Remember, accessorising can be a subtle and effective way of breaking down communication barriers in social and work related situations. Peers and colleagues will rarely find it difficult to compliment someone, so these accessory discussions you could have can provide a springboard to other meaningful conversations and can generate a host of new opportunities. Hanaroo is all about taking presented opportunities. We like our customers to do the same so ladies should carry not just our products with grace, but also an empowering ethos wherever they go. Comment below and tell us which accessories go together the best!!! Want to wear them today? click here
April 30, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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