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A gift for your friend and yourself.

Once again, awkwardly standing on the Kensington street, forty five minutes have passed, and my sweet but peevishly late friend has done it again. We have all been there, waiting for a friend who never met a deadline she ever liked, or maybe you are the person who is constantly late. Whatever the dilemma may be, rest assured I'll always be fighting off watch boredom or hoping time will pass quickly whenever I plan to meet this specific friend. This is no way to live life so I resolved to buy my friend a luxurious, cute and friendly reminder of the time. The best present you could ever buy your close friend is an item they don't already have, something pretty and luxurious and definitely something that benefits you. This pastel pink watch from the Hanaroo sweetheart collection is cute, classy and it would really suit any outfit. It upstages a smart phone's battery life and you can truly rely on it.
April 28, 2014 by Jack Wilson
Tags: Fashion
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