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How to fix the handbag choas...

Most of us love the new species of Giant totes / shopper handbags.  We fail to recognise that, these handbags often lead to a supersized mess or longer shopping cues of  foot tappers waiting for us to find our purse at the bottom of our handbag.messy handbag 2

How to create order out of the chaos?

Experiment 1.

Keep it small but realistic.HF15259 Black (F) new

The less pace you have, the less you will carry but the danger of becoming the lady carrying millions of bags may arise. So find one that fits all your essentials before you buy it.

Experiment 2.

Buy a tote with a central detachable pouch.

Most handbag pockets are too small to truly fulfil the function of compartmentalising so they merely serve as a carrier of pen leaks, old hair pins and restaurant sweets. A centrHA-493 Black newal pouch can be used to replace makeup bags, mobile holders and key holders. This pouch can also be converted into an evening clutch or shoulder bag. The only drawback is this pouch makes it difficult to put spring jumpers in it.

Which Handbag will be more effective in downsizing?

April 25, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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