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Transformation with Lilly

Inspired by pastels featured on the catwalks and on blossoming trees, inescapably pastels are cherished by designers and exhibited in every aspect of our surroundings.  There is no reason to deny natures most elegant portrayal of renewal.DSC_0326

While I'm not prepared to transform my entire wardrobe over night to suit a season, I could make a small but significant change (no I'm not going to lighten my hair again).

What is the one fashion accessory that I'm never without? Hmmm.... my handbag.

Hanaroo introduced the perfect fix to the wardrobe reflecting winter. Their tote, named Lilly from their new spring collection is actually perfect as an essential day bag. It's fresh, classy and goes with anything except bad taste. It also comes with its twin, a soft shoulder bag for a night or day out when you want to carry a little as possible.

True transformation versus the appearance is often a matter of perception. Wouldn't you agree?

April 22, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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