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Friday confessions of awkward moments

Mascara rolling down the side of the pavement like a runaway trolley, a mobile more grazed than a child's knee and my deodorant bottle becoming the new speed bump of Oxford street. What could be more embarrassing than the strap on your bag breaking en-route to an important meeting? I found that it's walking into an interview without the air of Grace Kelly but one more of  Katherine Tate or Ozzy Osbourne. That's when I created this new and affordable brand, Hanaroo, online. We offer some of the best totes at the moment that really do stand the test of carrying your entire bedroom out of the door, when you're late for work. Hanaroo obviously  understands that fashion and utility have not always been mutual friends and an alliance has been made, they bring you stylish bags to accommodate the spontaneous events and weather changes that come with spring. This range boasts the detail and versatility, that brings fashion and utility into a strategic embrace. Don't let this reasonable price deceive you, these bags are high quality!  DSC_0143   P.S. Warning the inside of this tote is really soft, so you may walk into the lounge in horror to find your fiancé' stroking it absent mindedly.
April 18, 2014 by Jack Wilson
Tags: Fashion
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