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Thursday's wish-list

This week has been claimed by Murphy's law, it has also felt longer than a period before a Breaking Bad season comes out, but Easter is here and I will either over-indulge with chocolate or shopping. I can't deny my love for chocolate but on the other hand, I would rather spend my money on something more tangible. So I chose to compile a fashion wish-list for the week. I think the week will or has already got far better, I converted my mood into a lighter shade.   katrina T-Shirt from Forever 21 , Handbag from Hanaroo, Pants from  H& M Bracelet from Hanaroo, Shoes from Jimmi choo Actually, I shouldn't lie to my fellow readers nor myself. I owe us the truth, I have a mental list of Easter eggs I want, but this is a fashion blog, not a foodie blog.
April 17, 2014 by Jack Wilson
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